Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 16: Guess What Day It is????P-DAY

Sister Stuart working at the Horse Farm

oh my goodness my lovely family and friends! I miss you all so much, each of you have been in my prayers this week, and thank you for all of your prayers! this week has been full of miracles but first an update on the past 3 weeks. well as you may know there has been a couple of snow storms and new England has received a lot of snow! and when that happens the mission gets grounded meaning we aren't allowed to use the cars, and also they have snow days out here so when school is cancelled the library is closed, so there has not been a way to email so I am sorry about all of that but I am enjoying the weather its beautiful. so transfers also happened 5 weeks ago, I stayed here in Maine, and I received 2 companions, so I am in another trio! it is amazing, sister tucker is from snowflake Arizona, and sister spangler Is from cotton wood heights in salt lake city, I love serving with these sisters, they are truly amazing and have such wonderful testimonies! we have had much success here, we just picked up 4 new investigators all through street contacting!! we also knocked doors as well and that's where we found Rick, he lives in Wells, literally right on the beach, we were beach contacting and we knocked on his door and he let us in and we have had 2 lessons with him since, he is currently on vacation in Costa Rica.then we have Donald, who we met on the street on his way to the ice rink in town, he plays on the professional hockey team here in new England! he has already commited to baptism! then we have Debbie and Chris, we met them at the store, Debbie walked up to me and started tapping in my name tag and I was kind of nervous as to why this women was doing this, and then she asked, your a Mormon aren't you? and I said well yes I am, I am a missionary for the church of jesus Christ of latter day saints, and she said I have always wanted to be one of those, how do I become like you? when she said that all 3 of us were so lost and confused and didn't know what to do!!! so we set up an appointment with her and we met with her on Saturday and she and her boyfriend were interested, but then she invited us to her wedding so we went to their wedding on Sunday it was so cool! they go to a non denominational church called river of life, and we stayed for the entire service which was weird but neat to see how others worship, they had bits and pieces of the doctrine of Christ but also some other things that really just didn't make any sense to me what so ever, but I love them so much they were welcoming and so kind, we also were able to teach lori our other investigator, she isn't really ready for baptism yet  but she is willing to continue the lessons until she can know for herself that this is what the lord wants for her! we are still searching for those the lord has prepared for us to meet. we are blessed with the courage to say what the lord would have us say in the 33rd section of the Doctrine and covenants its says" open your mouths and they shall be filled" what that teaches is that if we are willing to trust in the lord whole heartedly and learn to discern the needs of those we are teaching we will be diligent in opening our mouths and he will bless us with the words he would have us say! many miracles take place each and everyday, I am so grateful to be one of those who has the chance to be apart of these miracles. We had a less active this week named Cindy Farrell who didn't want the missionaries to bother her anymore so we stopped contacting her, she sent us a text message saying " how do I get an ensign?" and we said well we can work that out for ya, and asked how she was doing, and then no response, so sundae comes around and there is Cindy Farrell, walking through the chapel doors beautiful as ever, well while all of this is happening, we are at choir and I fall to the chair and place my head in my hands and I am just sobbing, how grateful I am for the atonement of Jesus Christ and the love that he has for each and everyone of us, he has been preparing here to come back to church and she did it on her own she took a cab and came to church! how great is that? man the church is true!! that was for you Uncle Larry ;) we are loving the work out here and the people the lord places in our lives. I have learned so much this week form my savior, that love is all that he is and all that I want to become, I know he has a grater plan for me and my companions, and because he loves us we can share that love that he has for others. so here is the fun stuff that we did!!! well we do volunteer work at a horse farm and sally one of the horses is gonna pop any day now!!! that's right a baby horse!!!!! we are just waiting for the call so we can go help out! I am so stoked! and we had a mini mission with a yw in here in our ward, sarah wright whose sister comes home tomorrow from her mission, and we had sister baskos daughter Rachel come home from her mission last week from Tiawan! and we have been to the ocean like every day this week cause its the first week it hasn't snowed!!! thank goodness, and GUESS WHAT!!! I HAD LOBTER BISQUE!! AND IT WAS FANTASTIC OH AND I ALSO HAD WILD SHRIMP AND SCALOP AND POTATOE CHOWDER AND I LOVED IT!!!! I think my tasted buds are changing out here!! man sea food out here is good!!! we have a huge mission meeting on march 7th with a general authority coming we don't know who yet, and we all think we might be finally getting ipads,so I will update you all on that next time! I am loving it here and I know that you all doing so well back home, congrats to cole and sam! wish you the best, and also happy birthday to madi and to ryan! and happy valentines day and congrats to Dylan and his baptism, and tell tara that I love and wish her and her family the best where ever life takes them! if i missed anyone im sorry but i do love you very much!!!
sorry it was different this week!!

Forever & Always,
         Sister Stuart (riley)
Sister Stuart, Sister Spangler and Sister Tucker enjoying the weather at the Beach

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 15: A voice from the snow

We got a very short email from Sister Riley Stuart today:

love you too sorry its been forever the weather has been crazy for a long time, all is well, we are sharing a computer so it wont be too long to email but i love and miss you and got your packages and im in a trio love you so much 

haha yeah i dont know about new england snow though!!! but we are moving out here so i guess i have to get used to it! we had 41 inches in three days!! 

She's ALIVE!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 14: Another Storm and No word

We have continued to hear from friends and others in the area that she is doing well.  The snow better stop coming because I need to hear from my missionary.  

Monday, February 2, 2015


We have not heard from Riley--it just kills us.   SOS were sent out to friends in the area and other facebook missionary mommas and ward members.   We heard she was safe, just not from her.  I'll take what I can get.

One thing I am sure of is Sister Stuart is going around singing this all day: