Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 22: Happy Easter

So how are you doing?   How is the missionary work going and how are
you really doing? I am doing well, the work Is great and I am doing really well!! ;)  

Question time:
1.  Update on investigators and reactivation?
Angel passed her baptism interview and she is getting baptized on the 11th we are stoked and she is already inviting her friends to take the missionary discussions.
Angelina we picked up last week and she is progressing well, her husband is reading the book of Mormon and he isn't even an investigator...yet!
Brian is a special soul...he is into deep doctrine and we are working really hard with him to just realize that the doctrine of Christ is simple.
Royce is a less active and he is doing well, we were doing the quit smoking program with him and he did great...until angels dad died this week and Royce smoked one cigarette....but we have been praying for him so we know the lord will continue to bless him with the strength to overcome temptation. 

 2.  Favorite talk at conference and why?
oh man General Conference was absolutely amazing! I have a few favorite talks.. I loved Elder Wilford W. Anderson from the seventy, when he said " I can teach you to dance but you have to hear the music." and how he talked about precise alignment when It comes to being in tune with the spirit. I also loved Elder Dale G Renlunds talk I love the quote that he said " A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying" and "we know perfectly well, that we aren't perfect." his talk was funny, when he said " if we don't try we are latter-day sinners, if we don't persevere, we are latter-day quitters, and if we don't allow ourselves to change we are latter-day hypocrites." and then of course Elder Hollands talk is the one that I would share with investigators who think that the atonement of jesus Christ doesn't work for them or if they think life is about quitting or giving up, he hit it home for me this year! general conference was just great! 

 3.  Favorite opportunity for service this week was and why?
an older women in our ward, sister wheeler had a stroke and is in the hospital and we got to go visit her and share scriptures with her, that was amazing and she reminded me of my great grandma Stuart when I would go up with my grandpa sometimes and help out after her strokes, she is just a sweet heart. we are going to dye eggs today and take them to her because that is her favorite thing to do on easter but didn't get to do it this year so we are doing it for her. 

 4.  How did you spend Easter?  Any new traditions or something you liked doing?
Sister Harman and I watched General Conference and then the weeds a family in the ward invited us over for dinner and then we shared the easter egg lesson with them that my mom sent to me in a package (thank you) and watched the "because he lives" video with people that we had invited to learn! 

 5. I looked out the window of my apartment (or door) today and saw...
the post office....mainly because that is right across the street ;) but also it is a beautiful day in Morrisville, Vermont!! 

 6.  A goal for the week is?
A goal for this week is to knock on a car window and invite that person to learn about the gospel...I did it last night but I loved it so I  am going to do it again this week!! and to get 3 new investigators by prayerfully selecting 10 potential investigators and visiting them this week and getting return appointments!! 

 7.  My companion and I bonded this week over...
sister Harman and I had a wicked pillow fight during call ins with our sister training leaders....sister Harman is fantastic...and we love ben and jerrys ice cream out here...the actual factory is Vermont and like 25 minutes away from our apartment!!

 8.  Favorite tracking experience this week, good or not so good.
We ran into a yak! someone out here owns a was crazy! 

 9.  Last song that helped you through something..
I know that my redeemer lives! 

 10.  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I felt his love most this week when...
the lord knows who I am and knows what I need, in general conference something was said that just answered my pressing question of "have I really done any good" or have I don't all that I can do to please my father in heaven so far on my mission and they were answered by President Uchhtdorf when he talked about us being saved by grace AFTER all we can do not BECAUSE of all that we can do....and after all what can we do?  and in Micheal T. Ringwoods talk he said " the service that is most important to god will only be recognized by god!" Elder Renlund also said "God doesnt care about who we once were but who we are and who we are becoming. as William shakspear mentioned in one of his plays " twas I...but tis not I" I know that my redeemer lives and I know that through the enabling power of the atonement of jesus Christ, we can feel the love that our father in heaven has for us. how grateful I  am for this wonderful opertunity I have to welcome gods children back into the fold.
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!