Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Called to Serve

Four months ago I was at girls camp when I received a text message with a picture of my call I immediately started crying, I was over joyed and nervous at the same time, I had to wait a day so that my parents could bring my call to me, I was able to share that experience with my closest friends and family, although it rained like crazy it was still the most spiritual girls camp I was able to attend, I then had my temple recommend interview in the middle of the forest with my bishop which was pretty cool to be in nature where I most enjoy being! The next day was Friday we were headed home from camp and I was able to have interview with the stake president that night.

The next day, I was able to attend the Bountiful temple to take out my own endowments.  I wanted so much to have my sister, Toni there because she was leaving on Wednesday.   Everything that needed to happen to have her there did and it was great.   I was so grateful that my leaders and family were able to attend with me, even at such short notice.

The next day was Toni's farewell....enough said, the tears just kept coming.

The next few months I have been able to find employment and prepare spiritually, including going to the temple several times.   I still need to work on writing more, this will definitely be something I will have to work on.  My mom says she expects something every week.

My farewell was on Sunday 19th of October.  I was scared to talk even though I have talked so many times before.   Tara Buckway, my yw president and her son Carson spoke with me.   I was able to see many of my long time friends and new friends I have made over the years.   We had an open house with lots of treats.

Monday mom packed me as I sat and watched.   Of course, she made me notes and drew me some pictures so I will know where to put things, she sure knows me.

Tuesday I went to the dentist, I hate the scrapping thing.   Ran some errands and then I had to get a FLU shot, even though I got it in may because it was required again.  

Tonight I will be set apart as a full time missionary.  

Riley soon to be Sister Stuart with her friend Sam at her setting apart

Grandmas and Grandpa Younger

Dad and Grandpa Stuart

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