Monday, November 10, 2014

Riley's First Area in New Hampshire

Riley's first area

1. Tell me ALL about your companions, where they are from, etc.
I have two im in a trio with sister brown and sister davis both from
Utah, bountiful and American forke

Sister Brown (Bountiful) Sister Stuart and Sister Davis (American Fork)

2.  Where are you serving? What is your apartment like?
Wolfeboro falls, NH its small and cozy right on the lake

3.  How was your first airplane ride ever?  Did you get sick?
I threw up and it was crazy cool I have pics

4.  What was the Best part of your first week in the field?
I don't have a best part it was pretty awful, we all got the flu so we
were stuck in the apartment for 2 days and today one of our recent
converts overdosed and we spent our whole p day in the ER with her it
was scary, we are really close to her and we almost lost her but she
is doing well and we are so grateful for our savior in this situation

 5.  What were your thoughts/feelings as you met your Mission President
and his wife?
I LOVE THEM they remind me of great grandma there home is so welcoming
and loving they also remind me of uncle larrys parents

President Philip M. and Sister Diane Stoker

 6.  Did you sleep your first night at the mission home?  What did you
do that first day 1/2?
yes we had our own rooms and we did a lot of paper work, played some
games and went to be at 7 cause we were all so tired, its a 2 hour
time difference here

 7. Are you teaching anyone?
yes we are teaching 8 investigators and have 1 new one and 5 potentials

 8.  Funniest story (these are my favorite, so spare no details)
met Mitt Romney, he has a winter home out here and in the MTC my
district met David Archuleta but don't have pics cause we were in a
chapel :( he works at the MTC as a teacher,

 9.  Most spiritual moment of the week?
IN the hospital with Michelle, the savior was definitely with us as we
were in the ER with her

 10.  What other random thoughts do you have to share?
Im craving pickles and oreos, we cant have much sweets, sister stoker
is a health fanatic and forbids sweets and ramen noodle, not fun, ummm
my mail thing is a PO box (PO box 15 Wolfeboro falls, 30896 Wolfeboro,
please send hand written letters

 Rapid Fire (first thing that comes to mind)

1.  What are your plans for the remainder of P-Day?
we spent it in the ER

 2.  Favorite scripture of the week?
D and C 88: 92

 3.  My FIRST thought this morning, as I woke up was...
its FREEZING!!!!

4.  I know that my Heavenly Father loves me because...
when I pray to him he always has a bold answer!

5.  My most humbling moment of the week was when..
I was praying this morning and I had a feeling that we needed to get
dressed immediately and then michelle calls us right after that with
the bad news, the lord was letting me know we needed to be ready for

6. I love it when...
my companions say really weird things in different languages

 7.  I was so excited when...
I found out how rich these people are! I get to Skype home on
Christmas in the Temples home, (member in our branch) they are beyond
rich bro temples said we can use his 75 inch tv to Skype home!
Up UP and AWAY

 8.  One thing I am hoping to accomplish this coming week is..

 9.  I laughed uncontrollably when..
that hasn't happened yet but  cant wait until it does!!

10.  Serving a mission rocks because.....
you are always on a spiritual high and you get to see the gospel
change lives right in front of you, its amazing

Riley's First Plane Ride

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