Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 3 (Second in the Mission)


1. Updates on investigators and any new ones (just use their first names)
we have mike, latisha, pat and lea, bill and Brenda, monica, Julie,
tyler, Katelyn, haley, jon and jo, Edmund,  and chuck. they are all
doing so well and they continue to progress we are super excited!

 2.  How are you all three getting along?
we are getting along well, its weird teaching lessons with three of us
but its easier, i love these sisters they are truly amazing!

3.  What was the best part of your second week in the field (since
last week wasn't so great)?
OH BOY! haha it was an amazing week we stayed pretty busy axcept for
Saturday we had all our plans cancel and so we knocked doors for 4
hours that was hard, but other than that is was such an amazing week,
the best part though would have to be having dinner at the temples
home, they have this HUGE house on the lake, its lake Winnipesaukee
and it was really good food and then we tought the plan of salvation
to some members to practice.

Fall in New Hampshire, Riley's favorite Season

 4.  How do you make contacts?
we either knock doors or use refferals or formals from the area book,
but its mostly through members!

 5.  Tell us about your ward/branch?
our branch is so small only about 40 to 50 come to church every week
and the Romneys pop in every so often so that's pretty neat, its a
small branch but i like it, it reminds me of woodruff!

 6.  How much time online do you get each P-Day?  What do you do on Pday?
about and hour or and hour and a half, on p days we wake up and do
personal and comp study, and then we clean and then do emails and then
go shopping if we have the time cause its a 45 minute drive to the
store, and then we play ping pong with the branch misisonaries haha i
suck at it....its like impossible to be good at it. and then we have
been going to the lake and just sitting on a bench that the Marriotts
( yes the ones who own the Hotels) have dedicated to the missionaries
on the lake and we write in our journals or letters. and p day ends at
6 pm then we are right back to work!

7.  Funniest story of the week?
so Sister Davis was born in japan and she cant speak Japanese but i
asked her if she could read Japanese and she said yes, and i said but
you cant speak it? and she said yes, AND I BELIEVER HER!!! a day went
by and she came to me and told me she couldn't read it, UGH  they
tease me all the time, i am a rusty blonde!! hahahha

 8.  Favorite teaching moment this week?
when we tought Brenda about the atonement cause she doesn't think it
will work for her but she then realized that it can how neat is that?
pretty dang neat if i  do say so myself!!

9.  Most spiritual moment of the week?
hmmm probably when sister brown and sister davis said a lot of nice
things to me in companionship inventory! i never knew how good of a
missionary i was until they had told me all the things i had been
doing well and doing right! i was feeling discouraged and inadequate
and then they are just so amazing and said wonderful things!

Sister Davis and Sister Brown

10.  What is your district like? How far apart are you etc.
our district is so cool haha they have weird harry potter dreams like
they think harry potter has something to do with the second
coming...ummm Elders are weird! we are all about 30 to 40 minutes away
from each area

 Rapid Fire:

1.  Something I learned about each of my companions?
they like to tease me a lot which i love cause it reminds me of home
and how often my mom and dad and bros tease me cause i am a blonde!
hehe and dang proud of it yall ;)

 2.  My favorite study session this week centered on.
the gospel of jesus Christ,

3.  I feel closest to The Lord when...
i teach his children that he really does love each and every one of us

4.  I was especially happy when...
i got 3 whole letters from KYLE DOUGLASS!!!!!! love that man with all
my heart i cried in the post office!

5.  The first thing I thought about this morning was....
ITS SNOWING!  hehe Christmas is coming i cant wiat

6.  The strangest thing I ate this week was...
GREEN FOOD but it was fantastic

7.  I laughed uncontrollably when...
when we were knocking doors sister davis was trying to act like a
Gazelle and she was like whats that deer lookin thing that jumps
around with its legs all weird and i sad "A Kangaroo?" haha yeah they
wont let me live that one down!

8.   Something I wished I had understood BEFORE coming on a mission is...
How to teach with pamphlets!! they are amazing cause in the MTC they
don't teach you how to use them so when i got out here i was teaching
with PMG and it was so hard so JT and Justice if your reading these.
STUDY THE PAMPHLETS!! they will give you a ton of them in the MTC

 9.  My testimony was strengthened when...
each and everytime that i testify of the atonement because i have used
it so much in my life i love sharing it with others and teaching them
how they can use it

10.  I couldn't believe it when...
we are obedient and follow all the mission rules that the lord just
keeps on sending you those promised blessings! i just cant believe how
much he really love us

Additional thoughts sent today:

i came across a song its in the hymn book but alex boye was the one that i heard. its called when faith endures:

I will not doubt i will not fear, gods love and strength is always near, his promise helps me to find a piece of strength a piece of mind, i give my father willingly , my trust, my prayers, humility, i give the father willingly, his spirit guides his love is sure, the fear departs when faith endures.

i love that because when our faith is strengthened we know that all of our fears and doubts disappears, he is our comfort and we if we give our whole heart he will give us his full attention, life isn't easy and our savior jesus Christ knew that and that's why he suffered the atonement, president spencer w Kimball "Very frequently people think they have repented and are worthy of forgiveness when all they have done is express sorrow or regret at the unfortunate happening, personal suffering is a very important part of repentance. one has not begun to repent until he has suffered intensely for his sins, if a person hasn't suffered, he hasn't repented."

i know that i have been through so much in my life before serving a mission and i have most defiantly been through a lot as a missionary, i fell to my knees one night sobbing because i was disobedient to my savior, and i suffered for it, i knew what i had done was wrong and i sobbed because i was ready to be done, i wanted to badly go pack up and go home. but i felt the hand of my savior pull me from up off the ground and he held me, he knew that that was what i needed... i know that we only feel a small portion of what our savior felt, but i know that he is right beside us as we suffer, he had no one on his side as he suffered the pain that we would one day have to face, i know he is there and i know that when we weap, he weaps with us, i know that when were are hurting he is right there hurting with us, brothers and sisters, the moment we think think we know all there is to know about the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the exact moment heavenly father tells us that we don't know enough, i invite you to really focus on the atonement and to really come to understand what it really is and what the savior really suffered through all because HE SIMPLY LOVES US.... how grateful i am to be an instrument in the lords hands, to do his work and to be his servant in his vineyard, i promise that as we strive to become more like him we will come to know the path we are to take which leads directly towards him, i want you to know that i love this gospel and i love that i am a full time missionary i love that this is my job to go and to teach and to bring others unto our savior, i hope that even though you aren't full time missionaries that you are still recognizing that member missionary work is how we find those the lord has prepared for us to teach. i love my savior and i love the work i was called to do. i say all of these things in the name of our savior jesus Christ, amen.

Received this email and pictures from a Sister Kari Lucas who is in the area Riley is serving.  
Lucas Family

Greenie Meal with Sister Davis and Brown


She is doing fine. She had the flu last week along with a cold, but she seemed all better when they were here for dinner.  My 7 year old daughter, Sarah, said sister Stuart is her favorite.
 Sister Stuart asked if I would email the green dinner pictures to you. She  is a great missionary. They practiced teaching the Restoration lesson to  our family after dinner the other night. She is so fun! 

Green Eggs and Ham Anyone

Thank you for
 sharing her with us!!

 Take care,
 Kari Luca
Riley loves nature this is the Sun and the Clouds at Sunset

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