Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 17: Our Efforts Will not be Unknown

When are the next transfers?
Transfers are next Wednesday, we get the transfer call either Friday or Saturday this week. I have had many promptings this week that i will be getting transferred but as always I will let you know the news once I have received it. My heart is full. I have seen the lords hand more in my life this week then I ever have. We had exchanges with our Sister Training Leader Sister Magnusson this week, and many miracles took place during those two days she was with Sister Spangler and I, We had two full days of tracting, we dedicated ourselves to finding those the lord is preparing to hear his message and what a wonderful feeling that was to know that if we are striving to do the lords work our efforts will not go unnoticed. We were able to find a Potential investigator through our power hour, her name is Lisa and she asked us to come back and share a message with her so we are setting up a time with her this week.

     We are working with our less-actives in our ward and they are doing such an amazing job recognizing the blessings they have already received and i know that its not because of the sister missionaries but because of their desire to their father in heaven, to finally realize that the atonement of Jesus Christ really does work! that is truly amazing to me to know that there are those out there who don't know that there is something that can change their lives and we have the privilege to go out and share that with them. Cindy Farrell is someone who has set a huge example for me. She has stopped smoking and drinking coffee and alcohol all on her own, and is finding a new place to live so she can live the law of chastity, all because she loves the savior! and wants to return to her father in heaven, I know that through the atonement she will feel the love that the lord has for her and that she will be happy again. she is an amazing women of god! This week we have a mission wide conference because Elder Hallstrom from the Seventy will be coming to address us, we are excited to hear the uplifting words that he will be sharing. we have two new investigators again this week.  all of our investigators  are all so prepared. all we have to do is extend the invitation to be baptized, which is overwhelming but that is when I can feel the love that the lord has for his people is through that invitation.

      Sister Spangler and Sister Tucker are two amazing women and missionaries, they know how to discern the needs of the people we are teaching, although often times we as missionaries are not just teaching but learning along side them. we are not perfect teachers but we are to act as guides and to do our best to help them understand the fundamentals of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the message that we share wont come to a full understanding all at once, it will all happen over time, but as long as we are doing our part, the holy ghost will manifest all things that we should know and I know that when we all come to know that Jesus is the Christ and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of god and that only through him was this gospel restored we will be happy, we will feel the overwhelming love that he has for us, and we will want to share the good news to those the lord has placed in our paths each and everyday.

Sister Spangler--SLC, Utah

Sister Tucker--Snowflake, Arizona

  The lord knows exactly what we need and in the exact moment we need those things, I can testify that this is true, i have seen it here in Sanford, i have seen the atonement work right before my eyes this week was more busy with the work than ever. My favorite scripture this week is Enos 1:4-5 it talks all about the power of prayer and the atonement of Jesus Christ. i came across it in my personal study yesterday morning, and the spirit just testified to me that the direct communication with our father in heaven is essential to finding the answers we long to find.

  My companions and I work so well together and teach well together it is just amazing to know that the lord really does work through his full-time missionaries and all we have to do is open our mouths so that we can be blessed with the words that he would have us say.

well my lovely family and friends i love each and every one of you, and i know that you are all a blessing to me and I know that as you come to know your father in Heaven and as you strengthen your relationship with the holy ghost that you will feel his love and you will be blessed!

  I would invite you to find just a small moment during the day to stop and say a prayer to your father in heaven and thank him for the miracle that you were able to witness this week, so will you pray and thank your father in heaven for the miracle that took place in your life this week?

  i promise that as you do this you will recognize the blessings in your life that you have already received and you will continue to receive those promised blessings that the lord has in store for you. 

I love you all and you are all in my prayers!! Have a Wicked Awesome week!! 

P.S congrats to Ryan for turning 18 this week love you bud
and congrats to alex and sandra i am so proud of you sandra!! 
Cole and Sam I loved the pictures thank you and congrats to you as well,
BUckway family i will miss you but i am so happy for all of you!! 

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