Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 21: We cant be a tool in the Lords hand until we learn how to LET him hold us

Good morning Brothers and Sisters, how grateful I am for this opportunity to serve my father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ, this week has been full of tender mercies and miracles, I am so grateful for my companion sister Harman and all that she is and does, she has blessed my life and I know that she will continue to bless the lives she will come to know. 

well Royce and Angel got married this weekend and it was amazing to be apart of that, sister Harman and I were able to be the witnesses and sign legal documents for the neat is that? so neat!! Angel is getting baptized on April 11th and she is progressing so well, her testimony of the savior and of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is beautiful.
This week has been rough but I know that our savior is aware and mindful of us and he will bless us when we turn to him. Sister Harman and I are looking for the people the lord has prepared and who are ready to receive us, its not easy buts its worth every struggle. Something that I have learned about myself this week is that I am strong! not physically but I am strong in every aspect of my life, I know that when life is hard that I want to push through and not give up on myself or on the savior, I don't mean to be prideful of boastful but we as members of the church need to know that we are strong! Sister Harman is a beast at being a missionary, she just loves the people and something that I learned about her is she all about charity, We had our zone conference at the JSM on Friday and we learned that Charity never faileth, and Jesus Christ had charity...therefore he never failed! that was also mentioned by president Eyring in the General Women's broadcast, sister Harman and I have used what we learned this week in our zone conference and women's conference in our teaching efforts, and how the gospel really does bless our families. I would have to say my favorite part about the Conference was that it was focused on the family and that if we don't think we are apart of a family, we are all apart of gods family. I am so grateful to know that we are gods children and we are apart of h is divine and sacred plan and family.

hard boiled DUCK EGG.... I think YES!!!....

Royce made sister Harman and I eat a hard boiled duck was not that bad..the yolk is bigger than a chicken egg though 

so this week sister Harman and I had lots of moments where we could grow and strengthen our companionship with each other and with the lord, so get this, we are driving down this road...mind you New England has 5 seasons...MUD SEASON! so driving down this muddy road while sister Harman is listening to a VERY important voicemail to get a phone number we really really needed for service this weekend,and just as I am turning around on this really really muddy road...sister Harman drops the phone and...presses # 7 you guessed it DELETED!!!! and then I get distracted and guess who gets stuck in the mud...yupp...the sister missionaries in Lamoille valley.... well sister Harman is so kind to go out and try to push our only 2 wheel drive car out of the mud and of course I am on the gas pedal and guess who covers her comp in mud...I DID! so my companion Is covered in mud from head to toe... I am laughing so hard that...I LITTERALLY wet my joke it happened...and so sister Harman and I car soaked from the rain and covered in mud, we decide to say a prayer to have someone kind enough to stop and help us out.. so we decided to look more helpless...and three kind men stopped and had to pull us out... well earlier that day we called a lady in our ward to confirm a dinner appointment that we totally forgot about last week and we tell her we will be there that night at six thirty...well guess who forgot our dinner appointment again..THE SISTER MISSIONARIES!!! ahhhhh!! oh and we were dropped by two of our investigators!! that same day...... prayer is powerful brothers and sisters...and I know that the lord is mindful of us and will bless us according to our needs if it is his will to do so.

Vermont Roads during the season of MUD

Sister Harman with the Little Stop signs

please look up and watch the #BecauseHelives video it is amazing, I know that lord atoned for each of our sins, all out of love, I know that because he lives we have the opportunity to help others find him!!

will you??

I love you and hope you all have a wonderful easter!!

 SIster Stuart

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