Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 18: Where will I end up?

 Well I received a transfer call this week!! I am going to be training a new missionary and I might get to drive a jeep if I am transferred to Dover!! I hope that is the case anyway haha or I will be headed to Bedford where I would be in my Mission Presidents Ward!! so either way I am super excited! I will get you my new address next week or send it in a letter this week, I will get to see elder guinn on Tuesday before he goes home, I am excited for that. well this week was a long one, all three of us got the flu..wasn't fun be we did a lot of work in the area book and cold calls to formers and potentials, our goal this week is to get 4 new investigators and 105 ITLS this week so we will be working extra hard to find people to teach.
      Mission conference this week was amazing!! We got to meet Elder Hallstrom the president of the 70! (maybe the area 70 I cant remember)  as well as Bishop Causse and Elder Bennett of the area 70, they are so great!! we had a lot of council from them and so many funny stories about president monson,
so the funniest thing that has happened this week was it was 20 degrees outside and we decided to have a water fight and I totally lost I was standing outside our bathroom window on the second floor and sister spangler dumped freezing cold water on me without me knowing and our neighbors got involved and my hair literally froze!! it was the best day ever!! sister tucker video taped it the whole time!! we also had a WWE smackdown in the apartment! that's how we did our companionship inventory!! it was AWESOME!!
and I totally burped on accident at the lunch in after our mission conference and I did not realize that president stoker was waiting to talk to yeah that was uh embarrassing!! but he was pretty impressed!! sister stoker...not so much! she is very well mannered.

Sister Peterson, Spangler, Tucker, Stuart, and Payne
Elder Whitehead, Walker, Griffin, and Crosby

Sister Tucker, Stuart, Sarah Wright (Member Missionary) and Sister Spangler

something that I learned about myself this week was that i can use sign language with out even thinking about it! i had the chance this week to talk to an elder here who is deaf and has a cochlear implant, but i walked up to him and introduced myself in sign and the look on his face was priceless, i think the lord really blessed me with that experience because i don't even remember what i said to him! but it seems as though he needed that conversation to happen! it was super neat!

    The Doctors appointments went really well, turns out that i am extremely healthy, they are still looking into the Crones Disease but as of right now, they still aren't sure! I have lost 15 pounds and the doctor is amazed with how strong my heart is and my lungs are great! (that was for you mom, i knew you were curious) I am doing really well

    Well i have to cut  my email time short today so i can finish my driving training stuff but i love you all and will let know where i am headed after transfers!!! ]
have a great week love you all

Forever & Always,
         Sister Stuart (riley)

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