Monday, December 8, 2014

It's been a month and 4 days

I hope she wasn't texting and Driving and Taking this picture

1.  Updates on investigators--pictures please on some of those
baptisms.   Any new converts and new families bringing back to the
 Rhea is getting  baptized on the 13 so excited for her i will get pictures i promise, and we have 6 potentials right now and we have 3 refferrals we need to contact so we are hoping for new investigators

 2.  What are you doing to stay warm?
well i wear all three of my fleece lined leggings and 2 pairs of the socks grandpa and grandma gave me and i put hand warmers in the toes of my boots cause i haven't purchased snow boots yet, and then i wear both of my coats and head bands to keep my ears warm and then a scarf for my nose!

3. Besides the people and missionary work, what do you like most about serving?
I love the smile that it puts on my face, i haven't been this happy in a long time and i love being accountable to my heavenly father each night, my prayers have never been so long in my life i have to set an alarm at 620 in the morning so i can get up and have time for my morning prayers! its wicked

4.  What was your favorite thing that happened at church yesterday?
All four of us missionaries bore our testimony and i lead the music in sacrament meeting, oh our elders are elder pertersen from Washington state, and elder McCain from Nebraska they are pretty awesome! 

5. Describe today's "feeling in the air"
its a tad bit FREEZING!! haha just kidding but for real! the feeling in the air is happiness and joy and thankfulness and excitement to go out and work! this is the BEST FULL TIME JOB IN THE WORLD just sayin ;)

6.  What was the last thing you cooked to eat?
spaghetti which was Friday so the day we had the break in 

7. If you had 3 extra hours each day, how would you fill them?
Getting to know the people of the ward a little better, and studying "our Purpose" and studying what else i could do to have a better "set-apart heart" 

 8.  What is something new you learned about Sister Lundin/Sister Blume
this week?
mom sister lundin in tonis companion i made a stocking for her and toni haha oh goodness... i only have sister blume as my companion everyone :) and i am so amazed how big of a heart she has and i want to have that for myself
Her first craft project

9.  My first thought this morning, as I woke up was...
LETS DO THIS THING!!! those were my exact words and i said it out loud too hahaa 

one of our investigators sons had an airsoft gun he let me hold it, it was huge!!

 10.  I felt The Lord guiding me the most this week when...
we experienced the break in and i called 911 right away!!

 Rapid Fire

 1.  I had the most fun this week when...
we watched the Christmas devotional on sunday night it was beautiful i loved Richard j maynes message!

 2.  I feel closet to The Lord when...
i am accountable to him each night during my nightly prayer

 3.  I felt the Spirit swell within me when...
I read the book of Mormon all the way through in 3 days, that was my goal was to read it in a week and i did it 3 days, and i had a question in mind it was answered in a million different ways! how neat it that!

 4.  I was so excited when...
we got the news that we could watch the Christmas devotional

 5.  My most humbling moment of the week was when..
my savior guided me through a traumatic experience with my companion

 6.  My favorite SERVICE opportunity happened when..
we are volunteering at the old brick museum here in town and we get to do tours for the town and its amazing how many people thank us for our service just doing tours and being missionaries, its a cool thing to know that people really do appreciate missionary work!

 7.  I could believe it when...
SO I CHANGED COULDNT TO COULD BTW... because i had a feeling you were gonna be in charge of something to do with missionary work, it was just a thought that popped into my mind that my mom would a great missionary right now and i happened!! hehe lovers you, and i laughed so hard that the librarian here literally asked us to move to the back of the library..oops!

 8.  I love learning new things everyday.  Today's "new thing" was...
the D&C sections 11-14 are all the same verses!
 9.  If I were granted one wish, I would want it to be...

10.  I love serving a mission because....
it brings our the person my heavenly father created me to be!

Forever & Always,
         Sister Stuart (riley)

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