Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

This was the first Christmas in the field for our family.  We looked forward to seeing both our sister missionary today.   Checked phones, computer connections, the clock constantly and made sure we were presentable.

Riley was the first one we got to talk to at 1000 am.   She was so happy and laughing.   Her companion and her were there during the conversation.   In the end, Riley and her companion taught the entire family the discussion on the Restoration.    She has grown so much.    I will try and get that video on here, but it is long and not sure the blog will let me add it.

We were able to take a picture with Riley this Christmas with the boys and my heart was full.   We were able to say a family prayer with her and I felt very blessed.  

She is still laughing and loves being a missionary.

Riley wearing the gift Toni sent her, showing it off.  

Family picture

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