Monday, December 22, 2014


 1. Updates on Investigators or reactivation efforts? How was your
baptism--all the details and any pictures.
RHEA GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!! it was amazing! she was glowing when she came out of the water! Michelle is one of our Investigators and rheas mom and she came to church on sunday which was  a miracle cause she told us she wouldn't cause she is afraid of large groups but she came!  we visited alot of less-actives this week, that was cool to do, and we are still looking for new investigators, we have a couple who fell off the face of the earth, but we have now had contact with them so its all good!! they!!! WE ARE HOPING FOR 2 BAPTISMS ON JAN 17

Rhea's Baptism

2. Favorite part of this holiday season?
advent: The Earnist family in my ward do it every sunday in december its a huge family home evening with the ward and we light candels and sings and chill, i love it! 

Riley learning to make bread--she sent the recipe too!!

3. Best part of the week?
rheas baptism! it was amazing 

Filling the font for Rhea's Baptism

4. I felt the spirit so strong this week when.....
Elder McCain confirmed Rhea is sacrament and then sister blume and i were apart of the ward choir and we got to sing in sacrament! jthat was so powerful

Elder McCain and Walker

5. What are a few of your favorite things? (Sound of music)
"when the dog bites, when the bee stings"haha nah just kidding! umm being a missionary and bearing my testimony, and my companion sister blume and when i get letters in the mail!!

"wait...what am i looking at? why are you hanging off the edge of the earth like a bat?" ~OLAF :) so i was kind of hyper the other night and decided to hang from the ceiling..

the elders kinda of are.....ummmm CRAZY this is elder McCain whos eyes are popping out of his head at district meeting, we all went camera crazy!! so these are just random pictures of me and the elders and sister blume

6. Share what you would like us to know this week, thoughts,
testimony, how you are doing, etc, whatever you wants --free form.
this week was a very successful week. sister blume and i have been visisting a lot of people and we switch off who gets sick its so weird haha and we are so excited for christmas, there is nothing better then being a missionary at chirstmas time,
Rockin the Christmas PJS
Stylin Christmas PJS



i love you all so much and cant wait to hear from you all!

SEE YOU ON THURSDAY!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Forever & Always,
         Sister Stuart (riley)

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